PRESS RELEASE: 6th of November 2017


The MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation was established in memory of the Swedish freeskiing star Matilda Rapaport, who tragically was killed in an avalanche in Chile last year. The objective is to increase safety in the mountain. As part of this, the foundation, together with RECCO Advanced Rescue Technology, is promoting a RECCO reflector collaboration. The reflector can be attached to a helmet or boot and makes the wearer searchable for professional rescuers in case of an avalanche accident.

One of the co-founders of the MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation is Matilda Rapaport’s husband Mattias Hargin, also he a devoted alpine skier and a member of the Swedish World Cup team since more than ten years.

“I think Matilda had a great sense of safety awareness and we were both aware of what this type of environment requires. Despite this, you realize that things can happen as they did to Matilda,” says Hargin.

Regardless of the tragic event he doesn’t want us to be discouraged from skiing experiences in the mountains. On the contrary – we go there because we love being there. However, Mattias Hargin wants us to do it in a safer way, which includes being searchable in case of an avalanche accident. In other words; the importance to use both avalanche transceiver and RECCO reflectors.

“I don’t think that one excludes the other. To me, the reflector is a complement to the transceiver. Because once you get caught in an avalanche you want to be found as quickly as possible. It may be that one is malfunctioning then the other can help you,” says Hargin, “those who have both RECCO reflector and transceiver are highly searchable and can be found faster.”

The foundation’s RECCO reflector is sold through the Swedish ski operator Skistar’s stores in Åre, Sälen, Vemdalen, Hemsedal and on their web shop www.skistarshop.com and at Alpingaraget in Stockholm and as well as their webshop www.alpingaraget.se. A portion of the revenues goes to the MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation.

“It was obvious for us to make this co-lab RECCO reflector together with the foundation. We share the same values and have as a common goal to increase both the knowledge and the safety of all who spend time the mountains. One aspect of this is to make more people searchable in avalanches,” says Johan Sauer, VP RECCO AB.

More than 800 ski resorts and mountain rescue teams on four continents use the RECCO system. RECCO reflectors are also integrated in many products like; skiwear, helmets, back protectors and backpacks. If a product has a RECCO logo it’s searchable for professional rescuers in the area.

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RECCO® is an avalanche rescue system utilized by more than 800 rescue organizations worldwide to facilitate the rapid location of burials. The two-part system consists of a detector used by organized rescue groups and reflectors that are integrated into apparel, helmets, protection gear or boots. Together they enable directional pinpointing of a victim’s precise location using harmonic radar but are not a substitute for a transceiver. Complementary in function, the system is an additional tool that does not interfere with avalanche dogs, transceiver searches or probe lines. The RECCO® system facilitates a faster organized search and increases the chance of being found in time. RECCO AB was founded in 1983 and is owned by its founder Magnus Granhed and the publicly traded investment company Traction AB (listed on OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm). More info on: www.recco.com