RECCO rescue reflector is mandatory safety equipment for all riders on the Freeride World Tour (FWT), including qualifier and junior level. Added this winter is the new junior category of 10-14 years young riders. This offers the organizers a great opportunity to spread avalanche awareness among the uprising generation of freeriders.

The junior level has been under the FWT umbrella for several years and has created a league of up-and-coming superstars as well as a place for education were young riders learn about safety on the mountains. This winter the Junior FWT has been divided into two age groups: 14-18 year, as before, and the new with 10-14 year old riders. Competitions for the youngest riders will be held in Switzerland, France and Austria.

RECCO Advanced Rescue System’s partnership with FWT was initiated last winter and involves more than 5,000 competitors. ”It’s very exciting for us to be safety partner with FWT and mandatory rescue equipment for all riders. It’s particularly pleasing that we, through FWT, reach young riders in our effort to create a broader awareness about risk and safety in the mountains and the importance of being electronically searchable to both companions and professional rescuers in the event of an avalanche,” says Johan Sauer, VP RECCO AB.

The FWT stars are important role models for the younger riders, according to Nicolas Hale-Woods, founder and CEO of the Freeride World Tour. “Young riders are very influenced by pro riders. Not only when they ski together but also when they share safety experiences and join workshops together. Those are moments that these kids will remember for rest of their lives.”

Over the years FWT has encouraged and developed responsible safety practices for athletes, competitors, spectators, and the entire freeride community. In addition to the mandatory equipment of transceiver, RECCO reflector and ABS Avalanche Airbag, FWT is also arranging training and education sessions during the contest season. Last winter a safety-training day was held in Chamonix, with workshops focused on safety for all the riders (Watch the video). Similar workshops are planed for the coming winter. Also two animated videos about mountain safety have recently been released in collaboration between FWT and RECCO: Powder Rush Syndrome – The Proper Gear and Be Prepared and have a Plan. New for this season is also Peak Performance film Gearing up with Elisabeth, in association with RECCO and FWT. In the film Pro rider Elisabeth Gerritzen and Anjan Truffer, head of mountain rescue in Zermatt, are talking about safety and practicing avalache rescue.

“You need both transceiver and RECCO reflector – it’s not one or the other.”

Watch the safety-workshop day in Chamonix last winter and meet pro skiers like Reine Barkered, Samuel Anthamatten, Eva Walkner and Jeremy Heitz explaining the importance of being searchable in case of an avalanche accident and how the RECCO system fits with other safety equipment.

Powder Rush Syndrome: The Proper Gear

Powder Rush Syndrome gets you when a storm rolls in and the forecast spells: POWDER! This first chapter shows what gear you need before you go out and play.

Powder Rush Syndrome: Be Prepared and Have a Plan

Now when you have the right gear, learn what you should pay attention to before dropping in for your first line.

Pro rider Elisabeth Gerritzen meets with rescue expert Anjan Truffer

Peak Performance Team member and Freeride World Tour rider Elisabeth Gerritzen meets with Anjan Truffer, head of mountain rescue in Zermatt, to check out safety equipment and practice avalanche rescue . The film is a collaboration between Peak Performance, Recco Advanced Rescue Technology and FWT.

Why RECCO reflectors are mandatory on Freeride World Tour

Nicolas Hale-Woods, CEO Freeride World Tour, explains how the RECCO system brings an extra layer of safety and why riders always should use both avalanche transceivers and RECCO reflectors.

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RECCO® is an avalanche rescue system utilized by more than 800 rescue organizations worldwide to facilitate the rapid location of burials. The two-part system consists of a detector used by organized rescue groups and reflectors that are integrated into apparel, helmets, protection gear or boots. Together they enable directional pinpointing of a victim’s precise location using harmonic radar but are not a substitute for a transceiver. Complementary in function, the system is an additional tool that does not interfere with avalanche dogs, transceiver searches or probe lines. The RECCO® system facilitates a faster organized search and increases the chance of being found in time. RECCO AB was founded in 1983 and is owned by its founder Magnus Granhed and the publicly traded investment company Traction AB (listed on OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm). More info on: